Crafts and Games

Gardening Group

Group members will meet virtually each month (perhaps twice a month from April through October if members decide that’s what they’d prefer) to discuss gardening in Victoria and environs. The group will go on periodic field trips to various gardens and nurseries in the CRD at peak times and perhaps in future to those types of venues on the mainland or in Washington state.

Meets: Second Sunday of the month, 7-8 p.m. via Zoom with periodic field trips

Knit & Chat

Bring your own knitting or crocheting project.  Share knit or crochet tips, techniques, etc. while working on your project and chatting with others.  New and experienced knitters and crocheters welcome.

Meets:  Fourth Wednesday of the month.


Join a mix of experienced players and beginners who meet each week for the fun and challenge of playing Mahjong. Attend any week you want to, but for beginners, the frequency of play will help bring you up to speed quickly.  American style Mahjong will be played and everything you need to play will be provided. 

Meets: Every Wednesday from 7-9pm starting on October 19, 2022


Get together monthly with fellow poker players in members’ homes for a fun evening of cards.  Both ‘newbies’ and seasoned players are welcome, but no serious betting.

Meets:  Last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm

Wine Making - U-Brew

Getting together with fellow wine lovers to make a variety of wine at local u-brew vendor; and being able to share the standard 30 bottles per kit with members of the group allows you to try different wines without having to commit to all 30.

Meets:  Varies

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