The activity groups are the heart of Victoria Evening Newcomers Club. They are a great way to develop friendships with other women who share your interests.

Members are welcome to participate in any and as many activity groups as they like. Some groups provide opportunities for partners/spouses to also participate. Groups that invite the participation of partners are clearly indicated.

Club members volunteer to lead the numerous activities.  Once registered, a VENC member will be notified by email Evite of the current event with exact dates, times and other information.  Most activity groups convene once a month. 

Our current activities are many and varied. Click on an image below for further information:

Active & Fit

Arts & Culture

Crafts & Games

Food & Socializing

activity leaders wanted

We are seeking new Activity Leaders to continue leading:

Happy Appys

For further information contact:

New Activities

VENC Members are also encouraged to form new activities within VENC guidelines. Your ideas are forwarded to VENC Executive by our VENC Activity Group Liaison for consideration. 

Once approved your ideas are put into action with our support


VENC is targeted to women who have been living in the Victoria area for less than three years or five years if you have refugee status (Note: the pandemic years 2020 and 2021 are not counted!)

If you qualify, you may attend a maximum of two activity events without being required to pay the membership fee. Contact for further information

Have Questions?

Contact us by email: 

Members may visit our FAQs page

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